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Talha's Migration, Week 4

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Posted on 2017-07-28


This week, we decided on the major features and functionality left until the game MVP is done.

We also worked on a bevvy of small changes. These include:

  • Buoyancy: the turtle floats upward automatically
  • Programmer art! Things look (sort of) like what they represent. It's not hideous, right? Right??
  • Discrete stages, and progressing to the next stage at discrete food points (eg. 20, 40)
  • Different backgrounds on each stage
  • Internationalization! This ships with a (horrible) Arabic translation (c/o Google Translate).
  • Created the first few concept art sketches of the main character

For next week, we plan to implement most of the feature work left, and to figure out how to make our game innovative. Hopefully, we will be able to prototype something fun, and then focus on finishing the MVP and shipping the first playable version.