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Pattern Warrior, Week 5: Battle!

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Posted on 2017-05-12


This week, we made several major steps forward with Pattern Warrior, which you can see captured in the GIF above.

Let's run through them briefly.

  • Multiple Choice: Instead of answering if you've seen a letter before, we now present players with four letters; they can pick any letter which they haven't seen that round. This provides more variety and fun, and makes the game more "game" like (as opposed to "quiz" like).
  • Health Potions: We added health potions! You start with three, each which restores 60% (currently, 30) health. You can consume health potion at any time between rounds (prior to attacking or defending).
  • Special Attack: On your turn, prior to attacking, you can choose to utilize a special attack (star icon). This allows you to attack an unlimited number of times (until you make a wrong choice). This will provide the player with strategic skills to use on tough battles.

We also made a couple of major "invisible" changes:

First, after much deliberation, and going in circles (should it be a game about selling sea shells? Fossils? Cooking?) we finally came full-circle and decided to theme the game as mini RPG/roguelike. You will trawl a dungeon of some number of floors, each loaded with monsters to battle, loot to find, and other things (like healing fountains).

Second, we decided to move beyond our initial design of mobile-only, and release this for desktop (Windows and Linux) and web.

Next week, given our current effort level and backlog of work, we can probably complete a lot of the roguelike elements. Hopefully, we can see an entire (albeit short) run through a floor or two of the dungeon.

If you're one of our Patreon supporters, you can expect a playable version of the prototype very shortly.